Features and Benefits of Mitterra-Ace

Integrated System

  • software to quickly and accurately prepare e-Manifests
  • an infrastructure to securely communicate data directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Compliant with U.S. Trade Act 2002

  • submit mandatory e-Manifest and mandatory one-hour advance cargo information

Reduce Port Processing Time

  • send manifests electronically and speed up border processing time, reducing your border wait time

Reduce Errors

  • all data is strictly validated in Mitterra-ACE before transmitting to U.S. Customs to ensure it is accurate, consistent, and complete

Save Time

  • store truck, trailer, and, driver details in Mitterra-ACE for quick recall when preparing e-Manifests

Save Money

  • establishing your own secure communications facility is costly. Use the Mitterra-ACE Secure EDI link to electronically submit your trip, truck, trailer, and driver information