Mitterra ACE

  • is an integrated software and communication compliance solution for the new data requirements for cross-border transportation of goods
  • is linked to a secure data transmission facility to CBP (Customs and Border Protection)
  • Sensis Software Inc. has been certified with CBP as a certified service center authorized to generate, transmit, and manage eManifest documents on behalf of shippers/exporters
  • Sensis Software Inc. has been certified by CBP as an Authorized Software Vendor of an ACE compliance software solution
  • Mitterra ACE can be purchased for in-house use without per-month or per-transaction charges if desired
  • Source code is available for purchase by those wishing to integrate ACE compliance into their existing IT systems. Implementing an in-house version of Mitterra ACE gives you quick certification with CBP since the Mitterra ACE product is recognized by CBP as a certified solution.

Any shipper/exporter who would like to set up an EDI capability on their own needs to recognize that they would have to go through this technical process of certification themselves as well as arrange the secure transmission facility.

As of May 24, 2007, every carrier will have to file electronic manifests for cross-border transportation of goods. From then on, if you haven’t filed an eManifest one hour prior to arrival, your truck will be turned around , and possibly fined.


Using either your truck plate number, your FAST transponder, or scanning a trip number from a trip cover sheet (which Mitterra ACE will produce), the customs officer will have access to every last detail of the goods, the conveyance, and the crew. This will allow the officer to simply press a Release button on their screen. Human nature being what it is, you make it easy for them, they make it easy for you.

Do note that if you are currently transmitting shipment information to your customs broker, that process will still continue. eManifest is an additional requirement and involves transmitting data directly to the US Government.


Mitterra-ACE will be available in four configurations:

1) As an integrated module to Sensis’ Mitterra Trucking Dispatch and Accounting (TD&A) software package. All data from Mitterra TD&A will be shared with Mitterra ACE and edits have been added where necessary to ensure the data for each eManifest complies with CBP requirements.

2) A stand-a-lone version capable of generating eManifests but maintaining its own Shipper, Consignee, Driver, Conveyance and Equipment data tables. We can assist with one-time loading of these tables as a starting point. You may either purchase the software outright and arrange your own data transmission capability, or sign up for data transmission via Sensis' secure communications facility.

3) A version with live links to your existing software to retrieve Shipment, Shipper, and Consignee information. A custom interface will be created to your data files since each exporter/carrier will have different data sources for this information. Again, you may either purchase the software outright and arrange your own data transmission capability, or sign up for data transmission via Sensis' secure communications facility.

4) Purchase source code to the Mitterra-ACE system for integration into existing in-house data systems. Since Mitterra-ACE is a CBP-certified software solution, certification of your installation by CBP will be almost immediate. 


Step 1

Register with US Customs and Border Protection for ACE. Every carrier (including shippers who operate their own trucks) are required to register with CBP for the ACE system. You can download the application at :

Step 2

Sign up with Sensis Software Inc. either for the Mitterra-ACE software with our secure communications service, or purchase a software license and arrange your own data communications.

Step 3

Start transmitting eManifests to CBP. Data transmitted by Mitterra-ACE is integrated with CBP's ACE portal on the web and is visible there (and can even be modified there!)

On registration with CBP, you will be assigned an ACE number and given access to the ACE ‘portal’ on the CBP website. At that point you should enter each of your drivers, trucks, and trailers on the website and each will be assigned an ACE number. Note that FAST carriers who register for ACE will automatically have their FAST-approved conveyance and crew information transferred to the ACE site.